About Us

CONTINUUM Health Solutions is a consulting company focused on the urgent care industry. Its principals have 20+ years of multi-site, multi-state urgent care experience. Clients range from single owner clinics to large hospital systems, private equity and networks.  Expertise includes site selection, clinic development, acquisitions, market growth and operational strategy.

The shortage of primary care physicians, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and consumers who are demanding that healthcare be delivered more conveniently and closer to home are collectively creating opportunities for the urgent care industry.  Urgent Care represents a unique delivery model, well positioned as a solution to these market forces.  Reform and advancements in technology will stimulate greater collaboration amongst healthcare providers and urgent care clinics will complement the patient centered medical home.

While market forces and researchers are collectively predicting a boon for the urgent care market, it is not without its challenges.  Increasing competition from other urgent care clinics, limited barriers to entry, new services including telemedicine, retail clinics, free-standing emergency departments are emerging simultaneously.  So while the conditions seem to be creating ‘the perfect storm’, choosing the right partner to assist you in navigating the process accelerates your growth and positions your urgent care clinic for sustained success.

Continuum Health Solutions supports your vision throughout the entire life-cycle of the business.  We are experts at transferring your ambulatory care objective from a “concept” to opening the doors and treating your first patient.  If you are already in the business of serving patients, we support operationalizing a new strategy to secure greater market share and successfully respond to the ongoing changes within the market.  Continuum Health Solutions is committed to delivering your vision, no matter where you are in your business evolution.