Q: The regulatory, reimbursement and delivery models of healthcare will change dramatically in the next decade.  How can I ensure that my investment and business will survive these unprecedented changes and how can Continuum Health Solutions (CHS) help?

A: Healthcare will undoubtedly change and providers will find themselves on the outside looking in if they don’t maintain an ongoing vigilance regarding the changes affecting the business of healthcare.  There are far more opportunities than threats in the coming years for astute providers, but change is inevitable.  CHS can assist business owners, hospital systems and other interested parties in navigating and responding to the new environment.  CHS has plans and models to assist in creating or sustaining a successful business model.  Whether it is as simple as retaining market share following the appearance of a new market competitor to building and executing on an ambulatory care strategy, CHS brings years of valuable experience to the table.


Q: Why choose CHS?

A: CHS has experienced and overcome the market challenges business owners are experiencing today.  Whether it is selecting the right site for a retail clinic, securing the right reimbursement, starting a new clinic or protecting an existing site, the partners in CHS have already successfully addressed these issues.  Their financial, operational, and business development acumen is respected in the healthcare industry and they treat their client’s businesses as if they were the owners.  CHS has clients who utilize them to build and advance their urgent care strategy to those who hire them on a project by project basis.   Outpatient rehabilitation and urgent care medicine are the major strengths of CHS but their experience extends into diagnostic imaging and other outpatient ambulatory care strategies.


Q: What kinds of clients has CHS served?

A: Continuum Health Solutions clients include major health systems with multi-site hospitals and a desire to increase their community footprint and brand. Additionally, Continuum’s clients include provider networks, small business owners, private equity and even professional associations.  The owners are comfortable serving a myriad of client types.  They have experience in both the public and private sectors, hospitals, the entrepreneurial business owner, provider owned businesses and private equity owned businesses.  Each brings its own nuances and CHS is experienced in identifying and addressing those nuances.


Q: I am not certain if I should begin my business by building or buying urgent care or therapy clinics. How can CHS assist me in evaluating those options?

A: CHS has established financial models for evaluating both scenarios and the return on investment of each.  Additionally, CHS will factor in assumptions regarding current and future dynamics and sensitivities that may impact the financial performance of the business.

Q: How can CHS assist me in purchasing clinics?

A: The partners in CHS can assist in identifying the type of acquisition that best fits the buyer and then use existing relationships to identify potential sellers.  CHS is experienced in due diligence, acquisitions and integration of the business once the transaction is completed.


Q: I am uncertain if urgent care or ambulatory care services are the right business choice for me or my firm.  How can CHS assist us in making our decision?

A: CHS will work to fully understand the objectives of it clients and create a customized plan and recommendations based on those objectives.  With over 20 years of combined urgent care experience and an equal number in the outpatient rehabilitation specialty, CHS can readily identify pitfalls and opportunities.  Consumer focused medicine is here to stay, but there are many failed businesses because owners didn’t take the time to plan.  CHS has heard from many owners who were convinced that building an urgent care or therapy clinic in the right market was a formula for success, only to be overwhelmed by the ongoing capital outlay and challenged to prioritize which ongoing investments were likely to manifest in new patients.  Outpatient clinics are complex and there is no silver bullet.  CHS’s years of experience and ongoing environmental scan of industry dynamics will greatly enhance your likelihood of success.


Q: How to I engage CHS?

A: CHS works with its clients based on a number of financial models, from a flat hourly consulting fee to project based reimbursement as long as the project can be clearly defined.  Hourly rates are negotiable based on the total project scope and/or potential for a success fee.  For more information , please contact Tracy Patterson at tpatterson@continuumhealthsolutions.com.