Tracy Patterson and Laurel Stoimenoff Achieve CHC Designation

Continuum Health Solutions is proud to announce that both Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC and Tracy Patterson, MBA, MHSA, CHC  have met the criteria and successfully passed the examination to achieve the designation as “Certified in Healthcare Compliance” through the esteemed Health Care Compliance Association.  The Principals of Continuum Health Solutions realized that compliance issues were a part of nearly every activity they performed on behalf of their clients.  Whether authoring policies or job descriptions or putting together a marketing plan, there were compliance issues to be addressed.  Increased scrutiny and ongoing changes, including the new HIPAA changes that took effect on September 23rd, 2013, render it essential that ambulatory care organizations are in compliance and aware of the impact on their operations and internal controls.

Tracy and Laurel are pleased to have participated in the training to achieve the designation and look forward to the ongoing requisite education to maintain the CHC status.    CHS is committed to providing great value to its clients and that includes ongoing education to ensure the consulting services provided are relevant, contemporary, and accurate. Contact Continuum Health Solutions if you would like to implement an internal compliance program or simply have questions as to how it may impact activities within your business.

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